Do you have a van, truck and trailer?

If yes, You could be out on the road right now, making local deliveries on your own schedule, being your own boss and earning $$$ for every delivery, CASH-in-hand, paid directly to YOU!

Yes, you read that correctly! for every delivery you make, cash-in-hand!

With MicroTow, you can be your own boss, make your own schedule, and use your van, truck, trailer, or tow-truck to earn some extra cash.

MicroTow is a automated way for customers to order delivery service automatically online. Customers will be matched with you to pick-up and deliver using - you guessed it - our online automated booking system and your van, truck, trailer, or tow-truck. When you’re done, they pay YOU in cash!

And here's even better news! You can sign up to be a MicroTow Driver for FREE and, once you do, you’ll receive everything you need to run your own, flat rate MicroTow CASH business!

Ready to join? just follow our EZ-3 to sign up!

1. Fill out the driver signup form.
2. Attach the necessary documents.
3. Login to your driver portal and upload all documents.

Once you’ve got the EZ-3 done, and verified you’re in!

Still have questions? Don't hesitate to email or call our team today!

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